Loans for a minimum of 61 days – the best offers

Non-bank loans are very popular among those consumers who need payday loans for more than a month. Long-term loans give you more time to return the money you borrow, often offering much larger amounts of money to borrow. We present a ranking in which we collect the best loans for a minimum of 61 days and longer.

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  • Installment loans for a minimum of 61 days
  • Loans for companies for a minimum of 61 days

In the regular budget of many people there are unplanned, large expenses. Sometimes, current funds and savings may not be sufficient to cover them, making it necessary to seek financial assistance. A solution worth noting may be the use of the services of the loan sector, which offers financial products for people with very different requirements.

Although the loan industry is mainly associated with small payday loans and a repayment period of no more than 30 days, it has solutions for people with higher financial requirements. In today’s text we have collected the best and most noteworthy offers with loans for a minimum of 61 days.

Loans for a minimum of 61 days – the best offers

Loans for a minimum of 61 days - the best offers

Many loan companies offer payday loans to their clients for no more than 30 days. Sometimes, however, a month is too short a time to collect the right amount to pay. In the offers below we present only such loans under which the commitment can be obtained for at least 2 months. Record holders are ready to borrow necessary funds even for long months and years. The presented offers collect basic, most important and key data.

How do you get a loan online?

How do you get a loan online?

The growing popularity of loan services was due to the strong development of the Internet, which turned out to be an excellent space especially for the non-banking sector. Today, it is difficult to find a lender who does not allow you to get a loan online without leaving your home. In this way, also those looking for long-term loans can successfully seek financial help from behind the computer screen. All the companies presented above operate on the Internet and allow you to choose the parameters of the loan, submit an application, verify and withdraw funds completely online.

To get a loan online, all you have to do is go to the website of the selected company, indicate the amount with the repayment period and click on the button that will make the loan application. What are the benefits of borrowing this form of money? First of all, you gain time saving, comfort and peace of mind. You don’t have to go to a stationary facility, spend your free time and money on fuel / tickets. Within a few minutes you will do all the formalities from home. In a busy world, this is a considerable and priceless benefit!

Loans with a minimum of formalities

Loans with a minimum of formalities

The relatively short time needed to get a loan for a minimum of 61 days is possible thanks to simplified formalities. At a time when banks require clients to set requirements that are fairly restrictive, lenders relax several important requirements. These include commonly found among non-bank companies no need to provide income statements. What’s more, loan companies do not require loan insurance, property pledges, impeccable creditworthiness and many other elements that make it difficult to obtain a loan and significantly extend the entire process.

Thanks to this, applying for a loan takes so little and is possible online. Most of the reduced formalities that must be submitted before obtaining a loan do not require going to a stationary outlet. It is no wonder that payday loans are a good solution for people with not very interesting creditworthiness, who also do not have time to undergo verification in the bank or have no chance of getting a regular consumer loan.

Loans without BIK – how is the creditworthiness verified?

Loans without BIK - how is the creditworthiness verified?

This does not mean that loan companies do not verify the financial history of their consumers at all. Although not all of them check the Credit Information Bureau, it is still one of the most popular registers for assessing the risk of borrowing funds. By downloading the report from the BIK, it works there, among others repayment history of existing loans and credits, timeliness, possible delays and indebtedness. That is why, despite negative entries, you can take out a loan depends on the individual policy of the particular lender.

In addition, loan companies also commonly check other registers belonging to the Economic Information Bureau. I am talking here about BIG InfoMonitor, ERIF, the National Debt Register (KRD) or the National Economic Information Bureau (KBIG). Occasionally, loan companies may look into the internal databases of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP). Therefore, before using a given offer, carefully check which financial registers are verified by the selected lender.

What should you remember after getting a loan for a minimum of 61 days?

What should you remember after getting a loan for a minimum of 61 days?

A loan is not only an additional “cash injection” in situations requiring financial support. It is also a liability that you have to pay back within the set deadline. Of course, it is a valuable product for the household budget, helping to finance an important purchase or other urgent expenses. However, when the repayment time comes, for example, within 61 days you must return the borrowed funds in the amount that was determined at the time the loan agreement was concluded.

After the loans we have presented for a minimum of 61 days, as a new customer you have the chance to pay for free payday loans the first time. Within the set deadline you only pay the borrowed sum without interest and commissions. Such privilege is granted to customers, among others Agree Bank and Spin Lender. On the other hand, when you decide on another company, remember that you may incur an additional cost resulting, among others, from from interest and commissions. They will be included in each subsequent installment of the commitment.

Loans for a minimum of 61 days – what if we do not pay the payday loans on time?

Loans for a minimum of 61 days - what if we do not pay the payday loans on time?

Failure to pay back payday loans always has serious consequences. Therefore, if you are afraid that you will not collect the required amount on time, then in the first step, contact the lender’s hotline. Perhaps he will offer so-called loan refinancing or extension service. Although these services are paid, they effectively postpone repayment and the risk of falling into even greater debts.

Loan companies usually have an extensive and systematic system of debt collection. It makes itself felt soon after the repayment deadline, taking the form of requests for payment, calculation of penalty interest and paid reminders. This is why it is worth watching diligent and timely repayment of payday loans.

Loans for a minimum of 61 days – is it worth using them?

Loans for a minimum of 61 days - is it worth using them?

So remember about a few necessary, but very simple formalities, thanks to which a non-bank loan will become a great help and valuable financial support. The simplified application process, the 100% online form and high competitiveness means that you have a lot to choose from.

As can be seen from the example of the ranking presented by us, there are at least 15 loan companies on the market offering safe and fast loans for a minimum of 61 days. Get to know them closer by clicking the link in the company name. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your best offer among them? We are convinced that at least one of them should meet your expectations!